About Us

Gary LodgeMy name is Gary Lodge and I live with my family in the Southern Vales on the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula just south of Adelaide.

In the time I’ve been in the region many things have changed:

      • More people, families moving into the area
      • More small business
      • Great wines (that hasn’t changed, just seeing if you were paying attention!)
      • Technology (eg. Computers, the internet, optic fibre cable to selected areas)

The list goes on.

Change is a good thing and creates many opportunities. Just talking to my friends, many who are business owners in the area, I found they weren’t utilizing these new opportunities available. Some of the reasoning behind their lack of action;

      • I’m not a computer person
      • I don’t have the time to learn that
      • I have a website already (How’s that working for you?)

These people are great in their fields but for whatever reason some things were missing that could turn a good business into a great business. “DRUM ROLL” That’s where Everyday Marketing Solutions  can help. We offer a whole range of customized solutions to;

      • Increase your customers
      • Get back in touch with your existing customers (over 70% of revenue comes from your existing clients and the people they refer to you)
      • Spend $$ with you rather than your competitors
      • And even more importantly extra time with family and friends or what ever flicks your switch!

After all what’s the purpose of making loads of money if you cant enjoy it?

I have participated in many aspects of business over the years. Logistics, purchasing for a national company, property development, Trading (Equities, Forex, Commodities) internet marketing, importing, even running mate’s bars overseas in war torn countries (no business for window cleaners there) One thing rings true in all business, the customer is everything, give them what they need,  solve their problems and you will be successful!