Can My Existing Website Be Modified to Increase Traffic?

How can a website benefit my business?
November 8, 2010
What is Website Traffic?
November 22, 2010
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Can My Existing Website Be Modified to Increase Traffic?

A few key factors come into play here
· How old is your site?
· What format was it built in? Eg. wordpress, joomla, flash.
· What was it designed to do?

Websites are like gardens, a little bit of maintenance and upkeep and they’ll look fine and keep producing great rewards. The opposite side of things is, if something is neglected it will need a lot of work. Sometimes it is more feasible to start again with up to date features and a fresh start. Trade that sucker in!

Business focus can also change so it might just be time to shake things up. People and Google love new content and tend to skip over things if it’s the same old, same old. New domains, lead generation sites, there’s no reason you cant have more than one site, each with its own unique purpose.

A broad web presence gets you noticed and helps with SEO. Google loves to see great content with lots of links between sites and rewards you accordingly with better rankings. Have a think about how much you spend on marketing now? Is it working? A new website could generate more customers and leads, that can be tracked. Paying for itself over and over again.

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