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I already have a website, can I change it to use some of your systems?
Depending on the age, type etc., changes can be made but sometimes it’s more cost effective to start fresh.
What will your services cost?
Every business is different and each project is customized to suit. With most of our services, you can choose to learn how to manage them yourself after we get things working.
I currently advertise in the Yellow Pages, would an optimized website be better use of my money?
Ask your friends and family where they look when trying to find a service or product. Most people ‘Google.’ With a ‘search engine optimized website’ you are getting targeted searches directed to your business. People ready to buy, or contact you to find out more.
I have a large customer base but don’t have the time to keep in touch with them all by email or phone on a regular basis, can you help with that?
Yes, technology is brilliant. With an automated responder you can send your clients regular newsletters, updates, articles, sales information, whatever you like at set intervals or times. Fully automated.
Someone mentioned Social Media to me. What is it?
This is becoming a more important part of any business. Streaming video is becoming huge. Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are some of the more popular sites or networks. These can be used in many ways to increase traffic to your business.
I was told online video is very expensive, is that true?
We specialize in online video and have some fantastic strategies to get returns to your business. You will be surprised how affordable video is. It’s a great investment for any business. Time to get your name up in lights!
All these ideas are great but I don’t have the time to maintain websites, Facebook etc. and it’s a bit overwhelming. Why should I bother?
Firstly, if you don’t, your competitors will. You can’t afford to be left behind and limit yourself to doing things that might have worked before but are not now. Secondly, relax, we handle everything if that’s what you’d like. Remember, marketing is an ongoing exercise and when working with Everyday Marketing Solutions, we hope to be a part of your team. We can do it all for you or just selected tasks and even help to train your staff to take over after things are in place.