Facebook Ad Management Services

Facebook Advertising – Campaign Creation and Management

The standard package for a Facebook Ads Campaign includes all of the following developed and administered by our social media advertising experts.

  •  1 Unique Campaign Created In Your Facebook Ad Account
  •  With 6 Unique Ads With Images Developed Each Month
  •  Expert Monitoring Of Your Facebook Ads Throughout The Month
  •  The Ads Are Tweaked During The Campaign (if needed)
  •  Your Ads Are Highly Targeted To Your Desirable Audience For Each Campaign
  •  Your Set Ad Budget Above Our Fixed Fee Is Paid Directly To Facebook (No Additional Commissions From Us.)

This can be done for you for a rate of A$650.00 per month ex GST for each Ad campaign.

Order Payment is a three month subscription to our Facebook Ad Creation and Management service. Note: 10% GST will be applied.


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