Free Website



Build your web presence now, no excuses. At Everyday Marketing solutions we are giving business owners the opportunity to get themselves noticed with a complete marketing package that includes a FREE  fully optimized business website.

Where’s the catch you might ask? Well ,all we’re asking in return is that you let us help you work on your business marketing  for a minimum of 3 months.

Having a website is just the beginning. Most businesses pay big $$$ for a beautiful site and think the job’s done. This is the “Field of Dreams” scenario! Build it and they will come . Yeah right ,maybe in Hollywood  but in the real world this is where the  magic begins.  There’s work to be done and it doesn’t happen overnight.

You will receive everything you need to build an online presence for your business.

We’ll sit down with you, work out a strategy specific for your chosen field , apply our proven strategies to increase your leads and attract new clients and customers.

Also we won’t leave you hangin’ after .  Monthly consultations with you to constantly adjust and see what’s working and what’s not is the norm with us.We don’t just sell products ,we are part of your team.

The value here is the  optimized site and  all the extras that make it go to work for you.

Give us a try ,call or email us now and we’ll arrange a free consultation to get the ball rolling.

Call Gary on  0407727394 or email