How can a website benefit my business?

Can My Existing Website Be Modified to Increase Traffic?
November 17, 2010
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How can a website benefit my business?

Where do we start! Number 1- Building your persona, expertise and trust.

Basically building relationships with potential clients and letting people have a peek into your world. Who are you? What do you do? Do you know what you’re talking about? What have been other peoples experiences when dealing with you? A website is not about selling, it should be more about answering peoples questions and perhaps be the first step for them to think “Ah! This business understands what I’m after, I’m going to give them a call!”

In saying that once people are comfortable with your services or products you could also have a “shopping cart” type page or site where customers can buy or order on line for their convenience, saving time. An online shop front! Many businesses now are purely online which over comes the traditional problems of location, leases, employees etc. You can market to the world 24/7!

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