SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This  process  helps you to increase the visibility of a website in search engines  and generate more traffic over the Internet. It is very helpful for online business and it is very important.

Lead Capture Campaigns

These can be sites whose sole purpose is to collect information from new clients and  perhaps help them with some information, building  credibility in your industry and makings new friends.

Google Places

It is free and considered to have rendered traditional yellow pages and business pages obsolete!  They provide the same information at a far quicker speed. This will not only hugely increase the exposure of your company but can also increase trust and therefore increase the click through rate to your site. A properly optimized Google Places is a priority for local business.

WordPress Websites

Over 60% of the world’s sites are WordPress. There’s a reason for this. They are easy to maintain and very flexible when it comes to design and search engine friendly when set up correctly. Being seen on Smart phones is becoming even more important. WordPress or nothing.

Article/Video Distribution

You get to inform your target audience about your site and what it can offer. Also you instantly become part of the niche community you have chosen and your content will be linked into a huge network of sites. These “mini commercials” for your business stay online and build over time creating your web presence.

Social Media Marketing

It significantly expands the entry points for your brand and business. You notice that as you spend more time on these networks, more people are talking to you and you’re expanding your reach. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin are the main players at the moment, they’re only gaining more popularity.

Press Releases

Great stories about success in your industry, an award perhaps?  At the same time building your brand and visibility. Those who have reviewed your release and want more information will click through the link or check out the website. The more a consumer sees your business name being mentioned the more likely they will remember you.

Video Production

Most of us would prefer to “watch” something before we are forced to “read” something. It allows you to demonstrate your products and services benefits in ways that photos and text simply cannot.

WordPress Site Maintenance

Something you’d rather not worry about? Leave it to us. Fresh content is important for many reasons and finding the time to regularly update sites can be tough. We can do that for you!

Auto Responder/Email Sequences

Customers that continuously read your marketing messages get branded with your business and will seek you out for advice, services or to purchase a product in your niche. It even emails your clients when you go on holiday! Set this system up and constantly keep in touch with your customers.

Blog Marketing

Blogs are cheap and even free. It can reach thousands of targeted readers at any time in any place. It really keeps you visible!

Keyword Research

It can help shape the type of visitors who find your website. Traffic is great but it’s all about getting the right people who are finding what they need on your site.

Free Reports

If you’re trying to sell something online or direct people to your business, giving away a free bonus can do several things for you. Firstly you’re   helping people out with some good information and starting the all important relationship with a new client.

Mobile Phone Friendly Sites

More and more people are searching for your business on a Smart phone. Many of the older type of sites don’t display and take ages to load. People won’t wait! Give them what they want. Easy to read, fast information. This alone is a big advantage over most of your competitors.