The Lost Tapes

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August 10, 2017
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August 19, 2017
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The Lost Tapes

I recently stumbled upon a cache of old CDs from last century. (that’s what we bought back then, MP what?). There were some old favourites, REM , Crowded House, The Ramones, Creedence , Rage Against the Machine……..

Some bands have long gone past their use by date, others are still cranking out great music and then there’s  some who’ve faded into oblivion.

It got me thinking ,they probably never stopped being great musos or stopped writing beautiful songs and lyrics but more likely their audience took them for granted or they kept playing the same old tunes.  Boring!

The stayers in the industry are continually reinventing themselves, Kylie, Madonna, even Rolf Harris blew his wobble board up with Stairway to Heaven. New look, new sound but the underlying product is still the same.

It’s human nature to glaze over if you’re seeing or hearing the same thing day in, day out (just ask my teenagers). The same applies to business owners. Give your customers something new and fresh to talk about on a regular basis.  Put on a chicken suit and dance around the front of your shop! Just do something that your competitors aren’t willing to do. Don’t keep playing it safe and being average.

The underlying product and great service remains the same but a few changes in your marketing can put a fresh spin on things and perhaps attract a new crowd of customers that you didn’t  expect . (Just ask Rolf!)

It’s better to burn out that to fade away!

Don’t get rusty!

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