What is an Autoresponder and how does it keep in touch with my clients?

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August 13, 2017
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August 24, 2017
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What is an Autoresponder and how does it keep in touch with my clients?

Can you imagine being able to market your products and services to your prospects (and customers) for free?

Just imagine, no media costs bleeding you dry, no slimy advertising reps to deal with, no marketing expenses at all. Wouldn’t that be a dream?

Well, if you collect the name and email address of people that visit your website that’s exactly what you can do. Whenever you want to advertise, whether you’re having a sale, introducing a new product line or just want to remind people about your services, you simply send out a single email and instantly it goes out to everyone on your mailing list. Not only that, you’ll also be building a very valuable asset for your business.

Many business owners do not realize this, but the real value of their business is actually the list of customers they have built up over the years. After all, your customers are the life blood of your business, and a business with a big list of customers can ‘tap into’ that life blood anytime.

Need to make some quick sales to hit your target for the month? Just send an email to your mailing list with a special offer! It costs you nothing to do this and is in your customers hands in a few minutes.

As you can imagine, capturing the name and email address of everyone that visits your website is a very powerful tactic. And the biggest mistake I see more businesses making online is not doing this. Anyway, capturing the names and email addresses of your prospects is very easy to do, and I’ll show you some low-cost software that will automate the whole process for you, even sending
emails for you while you sleep!

Once you start building your mailing list, fire off your first few emails and see the orders start coming in automatically, you’ll be hooked.

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  1. Excellent advice, the software sounds great

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