What is the best type of website?

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August 19, 2017
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What is the best type of website?

Did you know there are two different types of website?


It’s true. There are “branding” websites and there are “direct response” websites.

Branding websites try to build the “brand” of a business. The aim to “create brand awareness” and “generate brand loyalty”. The theory is that if a customer sees your “brand” enough times they will eventually buy something off you.

The problem is creating a brand takes time and money and there are no guarantees it will actually work.


Remember the “dot com” bust?

Many of the companies that went bust were trying to build a brand. They built “branding” websites. But they ran out of cash before anyone started buying anything.

Now, the other type of website is a “direct response website”. Direct response websites are designed to get people to respond right away, either to order a product, subscribe to a mailing list, phone your business, or any other action you want someone to take.


They focus on getting action NOW!

For a business where cash flow is important, having a direct response website can be the difference between a website that generates thousands of dollars every month, and one that collects cyber-dust and never makes a cent.

So what exactly is a direct response website?

Any website that is designed and written to elicit a response from someone can be classified as a direct response website.

Typically direct response websites are copy-intensive, using many words as needed to “sell” the person on taking desired action. The more important the decision is for the person, the more words are needed to sell them on making it.

The core principle behind direct response websites is the old sales and marketing saying “the more you tell, the more you sell”.


How to create a direct response website:

  • First you determine who your prospect is. Who are they? What pain are they looking to alleviate? What pleasure are they looking to heighten? What are they really looking for?
  • Next you match up the benefits of what you provide with the benefits your prospects desire.
  • Then you define exactly what you want your prospects to do. Do you want them to order online? Call to book an appointment? Submit a form asking for more information?
  • Finally, you write and design your website so that it speaks directly to your prospect and asks them to take action. It leads them to the conclusion that taking the action you want them to take is the most logical choice for them to solve their problems and achieve their goals. And you tell them exactly what action they must take.


Once you’ve designed and worded your site in this manner, almost like magic your prospects will start taking the action you want them to.

They will see that you understand them and their unique problems. They will follow up the path you have paved for them. And when you ask them to take action, to buy your product, to call you, to subscribe to your mailing list, they will!

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